Saturday, September 20, 2008

ISA (Internal Security Act)

Lately we heard many comments about ISA from both government & opposition leaders. Some people think about the NEED of it. Some people think about the USE of it. There are pros and cons on the suggestion of abolishing ISA. Does the execution or the ISA itself is a problem? What is your comments?

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pakbelalang said...

ISA is good for the country, without the slightest shadow of doubt. We cannot do away with it, period. Only the elite few who are arrogant feel that ISA should be abolished. They have their own selfish agenda. Make no mistake about it. They claim that ISA violates Human Rights. In fact ISA protects human rights.It protects the right of the people to live in harmony and peace without being instigated by those foolish attitude of the few arrogant and HP6 elite Malaysians trying to be champion of the people. They are simply nuts of the first door.